Cartography 2.0


Para quem trabalha com mapas, um grupo de professores desenvolveu um e-book com mapas interativos e recursos de animação:

Professor Mark Harrower at the University of Wisconsin Madison’s Department of Geography was frustrated with the “inability of traditional textbooks to keep pace with Web technologies.” So he and his colleagues set out to create Cartography 2.0, which is a “free knowledge base and e-textbook for students and professionals interested in interactive and animated maps.” First-time visitors might want to look over the “Purpose” section before diving into the separate “Chapters” of the book. All of the chapters can be found on the homepage, and they cover topics such as map animation, virtual globes, elements of design, and map interaction techniques. Each chapter contains descriptive essays, along with maps and diagrams that illustrate key principles. The “New Content” section on the homepage features the latest additions to the site, and overall this work is a model for educators who might be interested in crafting an engaging and dynamic online textbook.

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